I Got My Website Back But I Lost My Timeshare

Yep. It happened to me. That objection I spent years selling against backfired. 

Tourist: I hear timeshare is the worst investment ever.

Me: Well, if you believe renting your vacation isn’t the worst investment ever, keep on renting. 

WHAT. THE. HELL? I didn’t get my real estate license to fight with people like this all day long or to convince or force them to drop a butt load of money in 90 minutes while they’re on vacation!!! So yep. That’s my short lived career as a timeshare salesperson in a nutshell. I’m way too nice for that job.

Fast forward to today. It’s 2021 and I’ve been a full time real estate agent on O’ahu for 5 years and I have found my home (pun intended). Little did I know that in addition to helping people buy and sell the most valuable (a nicer way of saying “expensive”) real estate in the world, I would also need to be tech savvy and mailagibson.com would come in very handy. Makes sense right? Well, it didn’t make much sense a few years ago when I let the stupid thing lapse only so someone else could park it and charge me $1500 and a whole lot of grief to get it back. Yep. I stopped paying for my domain because I thought I wouldn’t need it anymore. Benandmaila.com was the only website that mattered. No one searches for Maila Gibson. HELLOOOO!!!!????? 

Okay, so we’re all good now. I spent the ENTIRE day working on this thing. My face is oily, I smell like a dirty towel, and I’ve had at least 4 cups of Nespresso. I was feeling so accomplished half way through the day until my husband said, “Hey, check our timeshare. We should hit the snow.” 

Oh that’s right. We have a timeshare. 2020 was such a blur and with no traveling in sight for who knew how long, I forgot all about it! Wahoo! We have a timeshare! Let’s go somewhere! 

So, I tried to log in to my account. I reset my password at least 6 times and for some reason, it’s like I didn’t exist to Mr. Marriott anymore. I called owner services (of course, they’re in Florida which is 6 hours ahead and it was 10:45am when Kelii got me all excited). I knew I had to endure the 20 minute wait on the phone to talk to a real person. Finally, an accented voice greeted me. 

Owner Services Guy: Marriott Vacation Club, how may I assist you today?

Me: Hi, I’m trying to log in to my account and it keeps making me reset my password and says my email isn’t connected to my account. 

Owner Services Guy: Ok ma’am I’d be glad to help you with that. What’s your account number and email?

(I gave it to him).

Owner Services Guy: I’m sorry for the inconvenience Ms. Gibson. Mind if I keep you on the line while I talk to someone at IT?

Me: No problem. Thank you so much! 

(Me thinking: These Marriott people are so nice. I love Marriott!).

Owner Services Guy: Hello Ms. Gibson? You are no longer an owner with us. You didn’t pay your maintenance fees in 2020 and we took back your week. 

Me: You just took it back?

Owner Services Guy: Yes ma’am. That’s what happens when you don’t pay. 

(Suddenly he wasn’t that nice. He took on the tone of a mean bill collector or scammer from the IRS, but even worse, my husband was siting right next to me and he was gonna lose his number 2 once I told him the news). 

Me: Wow. Uh…ok. 

Owner Services Guy: Is there anything else I can help you with today? 

Me: I guess that’s it.

Owner Services Guy: Thank you for calling Marriott Vacation Club (click). 

Ohhhhh sheet. Kelii says, “What happened?” And like ripping off a Band-Aid, I just blurt it out, “We don’t have a timeshare anymore, but I’m super stoked! No more maintenance fees. No more worrying about losing our week. No more, ‘Oh my gosh! Look at this week that’s available! Can we leave tomorrow?’”

Clearly I was doing the typical Maila thing being uber positive during trauma. This is one of the things I pride myself on as a real estate agent – being like the calm flight attendant in the midst of heavy turbulence who keeps you calm, but I suppose in this case, it was just annoying. I could see his chest rising up and down faster and faster and his face turned red. He was upset. But oh well. I got my website back! Yipeeee!!! 

Welcome to post number one. HA!

Update on 3/19/2021: Please don’t judge my real estate agent skills based on this snafu. I really am good at my job and I freaking love it! Check the testimonials HERE. 🙂

9 thoughts on “I Got My Website Back But I Lost My Timeshare

  1. Kelii Bandmann Reply

    Not WAS upset I AM upset 🙁

  2. Sean Reply

    Aw man! Who are we going to go to Timber Lodge with now?

    1. mailagibsonadmin Reply

      I know!!! Such great memories! Eek.

  3. Allan Lau Reply

    Silver linings. you!

    1. mailagibsonadmin Reply

      Some people hate this about me. Lol

  4. Hinano Nahinu Reply

    Love your stories Maila! The website is awesome too!! Great job. Someday you’ll own that timeshare!

  5. Michael Crabbe Reply

    Ha, I am one of former hundreds of thousands of flight attendants who have had to endure a multitude of “situations” and emergencies, however we are taught to be prepared for the worse, RESPOND… not react!! In life often times you have to learn how to cut your losses, not waste energy and MOVE ON!! In your case, pursuing your RE career necessitated the acquisition of your URL web name. Thankfully you did. Now you can concentrate on growing your RE business and learn how to brand yourself as a professional. Congratulations!! BTW, I have followed your career and I’m happy to say you’ve found a “home” that you’re comfortable with… and that you can fall back on your music…eventually!! Aloha.

    1. mailagibsonadmin Reply

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I love the flight attendant reference.

  6. Raynette Galeng Reply

    Thanks for sharing your stories. I don’t think I would of handled it as well as you did. Goes to show what kind of person you are. Hope to hear more music from you and Ben & Maila music as well.

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